Posted by: miilee | January 10, 2011

Pulling Apart “No One Killed Jessica”

Ok first of all, this being my first blog post since the new year, wishes to all!

Now to the movie. Well, I don’t generally review movies but I thought I’d do it just this one time. Went for it last evening with family and can’t say I regretted buying the tickets. Not Bad! Especially after the utter crap that the industry has been flinging in my face, this was a definite improvement. Yet, it wasn’t the best; there was loads of space for improvement.  (In total TV news anchor voice) So lets take a better look at it: (Basically, allow me to blab about my issues with th film. All opinions expressed are totally personal; and since it is a personal blog, it’s all cool!)

The Ups:

Fantastic acting! You just cannot NOT give credit to the two ladies for some amazing acting and powerful dialog delivery! Rani was dhaasu andVidya was passionate! Two awesome characters being played out; not something I have learnt to expect from our beloved industry.

The dialogs; obviously an up! Some people are of the opinion that Rani was made to swear way too many times to make her look bold but in my honest opinion, I could totally identify with her! I mean, ‘Fuck’ and stuff is so a part of the vocabulary that it didn’t feel forced; especially in a news channel office. God knows, we speak like that in our office too!

Music; cool and appropriate. Amit Trivedi takes it away! ‘Aali re’ is my personal favorite! Even the more sombre tracks were beautiful.

Story; There is the grey space between Ups and Downs where my pinion about the story lies. Well, not exactly great credit to anyone for the story: the Jessica case in itself is a catching story! But I love the narration and factual placement of the entire story; everything from the Kargil war, the Kandahar plane hijack, and the RDB release affecting the case was shown; made the story very identifiable since we’d all lived through it. However, in my honest opinion, I felt it was an overt attempt at laundering the NDTV brand andBarkha Dutt’s name (This coming in the aftermath of that huge scam coming to light makes me paranoid about that…)

The Downs:

I am not film making guru but as a member of the audience, I felt something amiss; like the final piece at the heart of a jigsaw.

Some heart aches:

1. What was with that mother of the culprit? She felt like a random cuckoo in a clock that pops out at an hour and says the same thing! It was dumb! Her character could have been made into a well detailed tool of story telling. Wasted Character space, is what I’d call it.

2. I remember having goose-flesh every time I thought of the lathi charge scene in RDB. But despite the fact that I was one of the millions of people closely following the Jessica case, I didn’t feel the surge I was expecting when the candle march came on.

3. Remember that part in RDB where these guys are on the news and on radio? The  montage of the reactions of the nation? With people being vociferous? Yes, that was what I was hoping to see. Instead, there wasn’t a convincing enough montage build up for the Jessica case. There were just people gawking at their TV sets. Personally, I remember talks in my college canteen over the case, conversations at home. I don’t think a court judgement was ever discussed so much in living rooms. They should have put in a few of those scenes where the case was openly being dissected. There was just one scene where the sister hits the brother for taking it lightly and the short reactions being covered by the TV crew. They didn’t take the passion to th living rooms.  It felt a little unconvincing that one moment people are stuck to their chairs and the next, they were at India gate. Where was the passion?

3. Maybe I am comparing this one way too much with RDB but after the trailers, it was almost th same space of film making that I was expecting. It just fell a tad short; almost there, but not yet! The second half did not live up to the build up of the first half.

So in my ratings, I’d give it a 3.5  on 5. Not average definitely! But not exactly excellent. They are, however on the right track! Go buy those tickets; you won’t be wasting the money if you haven’t seen it already!



  1. Music is by Amit Trivedi and NOT ARR. 🙂

    • MY bad!! Sheesh!! correcting!!!

  2. Uh-oh. Music is by Amit Trivedi. Not A R Rahman 🙂

    • My bad my bad!! sleep writing i guess!! correcting!!

  3. Great one! I like your review style! should have a section now! 🙂

    • Glad u liked it! Not too many movies make me want to write about them ya.. RDB was one but didn’t have a blog back then.. 3 Idiots was awesome but i was too lazy to blog.. 😉

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  5. Perfecto ! Really neutral review ! And yes the movie is worth the money spent ! Glad Indian cinema could make such movie after such a long long time ..

    • Thanks! Glad you liked the review… Don’t usually review movies but felt like giving it a shot!

  6. Hey Miilee..interesting review. The flow of thoughts was so smooth that I slipped through to the end even before i realized it. Good one. Keep it up. I’m blogrolling your site.

    • Glad you liked the blog Victor! It is one of the few things I look forward to in my life!!

  7. Pretty nice and precise review. I am curious to watch it now but still…….something is stopping me.

    • Not that you’re missing too much… the trailer is well cut and exciting… but the movie isn’t a landmark make..

  8. Excellent review. Enjoyed reading it.

    I too felt something lacking, though am unable to put it as succinctly as you just did. The passion, it seemed was limited to Rani and Vidya only. I did not sense it in those shots where the general population had started revolting against the injustice. It somehow dampened my mood.

    But all in all, I too agree it is a good deal.

    • Thanks Pooja.. Glad you liked it!

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