Posted by: miilee | April 3, 2011

‘V’ for Victory!!!

(Please forgive a record breaking number exclamation marks and capitalization for this one blog post. I’m already facing a crisis due to shortage of words, therefore using the punctuations that get anywhere close to being as expressive about excitement as possible. Also, unlike the other posts, this is a highly impulsive post in its first, raw draft. Haven’t read, corrected etc the thing at all. For once, it is pure emotion.)


I have NEVER yelled as much as I did last night. I have never EVER laughed AND cried as much as I did last night. When Dhoni lifted that last, winning sixer into the air, I felt my heart leave my body and float some 5000 miles above the world, with a million others and I screamed like nobody’s business!! And I kept screaming till the early hours of this morning and that scream is still echoing within me. I’m still grinning at totally random strangers on the streets and LOVING the fact that they’re grinning back for that same reason!!! WE WON THE CUP!!!!!

Every time I hear, say or even think about it, my heart skips around in a frenzy!! We won!! How awesome is that?!! How massively, spectacularly, mind-blowingly, fantastic is that??!! Reminds me of the Mary Poppins ’word’: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!!

But even that seems too short a word to describe what we’re all feeling. There aren’t any words to express; just amazingly loud yelling in the streets, fireworks, and celebrations that run across a country of billions through the entire night!!! That’s one MASSIVE party, and we’re all drinking from the Cup that counts!!!

Last night must have been THE night in all our collective lives!! I personally hugged, hi-fived, danced with, whistled with, cheered, laughed, yelled and cried with some thousand odd random strangers!! There was so much music and yelling, it was unreal!! There were enough of us to clog every street open and accessible in Mumbai and my friends elsewhere in the country tell me that so was the case in several other cities. If there is any way of measuring euphoria in the atmosphere, I’m pretty sure we were hitting the scales last night!

There was no bar, no inhibitions, no barriers of any sort separating us. We were all the same; crazy Indians, madly happy for the one thing we’d all give our lives for; Cricket. No matter who we were, young or old, dark or fair, rich or poor, Hindu or Muslim or Christian, we were all in the streets, celebrating. In our billions, we were One, proudly flaunting the three colors that matter. Everyone wanted a flag. Everyone wanted to be doused in the three colors that boast our identity as a nation to the world. Painted faces, painted bodies, huge flags gloriously flying from every car and bike. In the moments that followed that massive winning shot, there were only one sort of people treading the land; Indians! Every other classification came second.

The feeling is still lingering in me; the pride, the ecstasy of belonging to this nation. And as I still share the joy with fellow Indians, somewhere inside of me, I wistfully yearn for a time when we’re this collective in our endeavors in other fields; politics, economics etc. the works, I guess. It feels beautiful; this unity. If we’re as we were last night, I don’t think there is any obstacle that would stop us. We were an unstoppable force last night; we just need to find a way to keep ourselves that way.

Well, I’m getting all philosophical now, so I might as well stop this one here.

Before I end, I’d like to raise my glass to Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Pakistan, for that awesome match at the semi-finals. Like I say, the match is awesome only when the opposite team is powerful. It is always a pleasure to watch Indo-Pak matches, irrespective of the results. And I take my hat off to Sri Lanka too for setting up that MASSIVE score!! That was an awesome inning!! This makes one feel that the winner indeed deserved the Cup. Had they set anything lower, it would have been a one sided match. These teams, along with Australia bring out the best in our boys, so a huge thanks to all of you for making Cricket as wonderful as it is for us.

About me, well, I still have a tricolored ribbon tied in my hair and am still grinning from ear to ear and tears still welling up while reading the news coverage in the papers. I have a feeling that this is gonna be one of those days that I’ll be proudly narrating for the years to come. After all, it is not every day that one gets to be a part of a historic victory and a night-long, country-wide party! And even if it feels like I’ll be croaking for the next century or so, every scream, every yell and every cheer was worth it!!! INDIAAAAAA!!!! INDIAAA!!!! *Clap Clap Clap*




  1. It was a BIG victory indeed! and the celebrations were even bigger!

    • u bet!! it was awesome fun!!

  2. Mili Mili Mili..!! I never know how to praise you enough for all the words you choose in your blogs..!!

    This blog of yours is now my favourite..!!!

    Dont know what else to say..!!! Coz i too am grinning like felix..!! I must have slept grinning…, must be even grinning in deep sleep im sure..!!

    WE WON…!!! WE WON..!!! Wooohooooo…!!!!!

    • Lol di!!! I know what you mean… glad you liked the post.. 🙂

  3. Did you notice Yuvraj, Harbhajan and Raina cry?
    That was the most magical thing to me.

    • When Yuvi started crying, I joined in…! There was something AWESOME about the entire ceremony after that….

  4. It was wonderful. I am just so proud of being Indian. Feels really great to be part of this Historic event. I would repeat your words that this experience is going to stay for ever in our hearts and mind and when ever we speak regarding this Victory it will just feel like yesterday.

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