Posted by: miilee | November 18, 2011

An Evening To Remember…

I rarely write posts to promote brands but for this once, I just HAD to publish this! I’m already a month late but I’m still gonna put this up!
SO what happened is, that I, in my idle time was fooling around on twitter when the Bournville (@haveyouearnedit) people tweeted to me, asking for my mail ID and stuff. Now being a MAD fan of dark chocolate, I willingly gave it, expecting some promotional stuff to come my way. What came instead, was an incredible INCREDIBLE offer! They said, pick your own place, time and people and they’ll supply dark chocolate and wine for the party!
Now its been a year and a half since I left college and in effect bade farewell to any sort of social life. So this was probably one of the bestest things that could have happened to me the entire year!
What happened next was a flurry of facebook messages, bb chats and sms’s that culminated in an awesome evening at my place!
Some friends managed to make it; one of them specially came over from Pune for the evening.
But unlike the times when we partied in college, there was no need for loud music or violent dancing. All of us just sat around, eating and drinking and catching up on lost time with each other. We updated ourselves with what’s happening in the other’s lives, and ruminated over a few things from the past. In the hurry of getting jobs after graduation, a lot of things were left untouched; a lot of strings were left untied. A lot of happenings had been left on the wayside as we hurried on with life. But that evening, we stopped for a while  we spent a lovely evening with just us for company and the wine and chocolate giving flavor to the evening. That day, after a really long time, I had a good time.
And despite the fact that this will sound like an Advertisement, I’m gonna say it: Bournville and Sula Wines, I have you guys to thank for that awesome evening! BIG THANK YOU!!


  1. That’s Great to hear that you had a great time. However the photo has a unusual thing, next to the wine bottles – mortien huh ??? ;););).


  2. oh well… Like I said, it was a get together of friends at home… so no artificial settings for the pictures… 😀

  3. Well written.. I always enjoy reading your blog.. keep writing..

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