Posted by: miilee | January 2, 2012

Second Day of the New Year

After an awesome weekend, it is very difficult to get back into work mode… VERY difficult!! Especially when you get back to town and straight to work! I’ve just returned to Mumbai after spending new year with my brother and gang and I’m just dumping my bags at home, feeding Shadow and heading to work….
Shadow’s health has been a little down for the last couple of days. I’m worried but the doc says he’ll be fine. Its just the cold that’s getting to him.

So all in all, I’m gonna be damn distracted today… I do not know how I’m gonna manage to tie down my wandering mind and get it to focus on the tasks ahead of me.

There definitely is a lot of work to be done though. Can’t disclose exactly what, but now that Parvarrish is up and running, got a new project to focus on. I hope we manage to make it just as awesome!!

And one thing is true: I’m a bit of a workaholic. Nothing pleases me as much as putting my energies into something and seeing it succeed. It makes me feel useful, capable.

Well, taking a deep breath and starting off now… I really hope 2012 is as good or even better than 2011! One way or the other, this year will probably decide how my life will be from here on… Wish me luck!!

Also, here’s a pic of Shadow. I love it when he goes nuts to welcome me home!! Here he’s playing with Dad.

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