Posted by: miilee | January 11, 2012

Poetic Today

That’s what good music does to me… A few good, well worded songs and I drift into a poetic mood. Was listening to the soundtrack of the lesser known movie,  Saaz  last evening and wrote a few lines..

“Saas ko thaame baithe hai..
Kahi aahat se yeh pal bikhar na jaaye..
palkho ko meeche baithe hai…
kahi khwaabo ke aansu chalak na jaaye…

Raahe to kai chal liye hum… tanhaai ki koi gunjaayish na thi…
par aaj haath thaame baithe hai..
kahi is mod par saath choot na jaaye….”

In Hindi:

सासों को थामे बैठे है ..
कही आह्ट से यह पल बिखर न जाए ..
पल्खो को मीचे बैठे है …
कही ख्वाबो के आंसू छलक न जाए …

राहे तो कई चल लिए हम; तन्हाई की कभी गुंजाईश न थी….

पर आज हाथ थामे बैठे है ..
कही इस मोड़ पर साथ छूट न जाए ….

I don’t know if it’s good or bad.. It’s just something that came to me.

Also, in my hunt for the right picture to go with the post, I came across this post from







  1. If you continue to write like this…even I will be obsessed with your blog…:)

  2. Kudos! 🙂

    • thanks!

  3. Good Poetic expression !!! Keep posting such kind of stuff. It is really exhibit huaman emotions without any adulteration.:):)

    • Thanks a lot for dropping by and commenting… 🙂 Resuming my blogging today!

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