Posted by: miilee | June 27, 2012

The Poem

I went out strolling in the rain the other day,
And I bumped into Thought somewhere on my way,
So I said a “Hi!” and He said “Hullo!”
And we both got talking as we went with the flow.

Then we both decided, a drink must be had.
Since we didn’t meet often (and that was just sad!)
So we headed for a Cosy Nook that I once knew.
They still did serve by far the finest brew.

“I say,” I said, as Thought had his drink.
“We haven’t met in weeks or months, I think!”
“I guess you’re right,” Thought said ruefully.
“But now that we’re here, let’s live this day fully”

“Let’s do that!” I said, and raised another beer.
But how we’d do that was still pretty unclear.
So we drained our mugs and set them on the bar
And started to plot out some schemes bizarre

“I know!” Said Thought as he grinned like an elf.
“How about, you write and I’ll just be myself!”
“Hey, that’s cool!” I said with fervour.
“I’ll pen down a poem before the day is over!”

So we got down to work with pen and paper.
Put down some words, stuck our heads together.
But things just wouldn’t fall in to place at all!
So yet another ruined sheet I crumpled into a ball.

And we sat there and wondered for hours on end,
What part were we missing? What do we mend?
My pages were now covered in some untidy scrawl
But the poem wouldn’t sound like a poem at all!

Just then, from the door, Rhyme walked in,
He put out his cigarette and aimed it at the bin.
Then he waved out and said merrily, “Hey! Wassup?
I’d like some coffee! Could you make me a cup?”

He threw us a look, a smile and a ‘hello’
We waved back, and a conversation did follow.
We told him our plight, of the poem gone wrong.
He laughed loud at us and we chuckled along.

We showed him our work, the sheets full of words,
And he picked them all up and tore them in thirds!
And he beamed at us, his eyes had a gleam!
“Worry not!” He said, “I have a scheme!”

With that, he threw all our words in the air,
And Thought and I almost cried, ‘unfair!”
But before we so much as uttered a squeak,
Rhyme laid out the words and we took a peek!

And lo and behold! A miracle it was!
A wonder, no doubt! And we broke into applause!
Rhyme took a bow as we read through the verses
They all seemed to fit! Like women and purses!

So we celebrated with rancour till the hour got late.
And the drinking had staggered our retreating gait.
We bid farewell to the nook and each other.
Promising to catch up, on an evening or another.

And I staggered away, happy as a clown
Dancing to a tune as I headed to town.
With a smile on my face and a beat at my feet,
And rolled up in my pocket, a poem complete!



  1. Wow – I dream of being this good!

    • Lol! Thanks! Just some random penning down of words… 🙂 I’m sure you too can write well… much better than this too!

  2. wow this is too good maitihili !!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it 🙂 Your quality of writing is simply amazing!

    • thanks a lot for reading through.. 🙂

  3. Killer. Poemception it is! 😛

    Loved the way you described it. 🙂

    • 😉

  4. a scene well scripted/ lived!

    • *takes a bow* Thankings!

  5. 😀


    • thanks!

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