Posted by: miilee | August 27, 2012

Dear Blackberry, You SUCK!

Dear Research In Motion,

I am generally a busy person. I have a job that eats up my time like no one’s business. I generally don’t have time to be disgruntled with people and definitely don’t have time to be disgruntled with a brand. But here, I’m making an exception. I am taking time out to not just be disgruntled, but be viciously mad at you people! If you go through this blog, you wont find a single post promoting or abusing any brand. I write general stuff that’s on my mind. But right now, all that’s on my mind is a black, piece of shit handset that’s sitting on my desk, as useful as the box in which my shoes came… maybe even less! So, I am writing this post. I hope to God it reaches you guys; the CEO included!
Let me tell you a thing or two about people who buy smart phones. Most of us are working individuals who need access to things like email and internet and stuff on the go. We are also the sort of people who leave home in a rush and return at hours when the rest of the family is asleep. We are the people who rely on our phones excessively for work as well as to preserve whatever little semblance of relationships we have. We fix meetings and talk to our families at break neck speeds. We write entire scripts on our phones and fight email battles. We work at speeds almost beyond normal. And thus, we need the assistance of a smart phone. A phone capable of having multiple functions; a phone we can depend on.
Some of us are also the sort of people who don’t roll in gold. We value every coin of the hard-earned money in our banks. So when we pay for a phone or anything expensive for that matter, we expect it to be of value. We expect it to live up to our expectations. So when we buy a smart phone that costs us almost half of our salaries and pay off the cost with EMI’s, we expect that phone to be solidly reliable. It has to be a phone that will not let us down. For us, buying a phone is equal to hiring an assistant. So if that assistant keeps falling ill, coming late, sleeping off at work, that assistant doesn’t work for us. That assistant gets fired and we make sure that none of our colleagues and friends end up with that assistant.
We are hard-working people. We already have a lot of pressure on our shoulders. A smart phone is supposed to help us ease that stress; not increase it! So if I have to make constant rounds to the customer service center (Which, by the way, there is like one in each continent!) to get the phone repaired, or keep having to spend from my pocket to repair and it still continues to hang on me mid calls or decides not to work, that phone is no good for me. That phone doesn’t justify the amount of money I paid to buy it. That phone is a liability, not an asset! In short, in a time when it was permissible, I would go and shoot the guy who took money from me in exchange for this bull shit piece of crap for short-changing me!
Now, I am pretty sure that you guys have a million forums where people can come and discuss technical difficulties and share their problems. I’ve had way too many to list them out. But I do want to tell you that in my honest opinion, all of the people hiding behind the name of your brand should get up, walk to the nearest glass of water and attempt to commit suicide in it of guilt!
I am never EVER buying a Blackberry in my life! And I won’t recommend this brand even to the worst of my enemies! I have a good mind of setting fire to the goddamn thing because reselling it would be a crime against the peace of mind of the person who lands up with it!
Am now moving on to a REAL smart phone.
Thanks for nothing,
A very disgusted, VERY angry ex customer.
Update: SO after getting my phone back from servicing a month ago, the battery had started acting up; it would suddenly shut off when the battery indicator showed half-life still remaining. Then a week ago, the phone shut and wouldn’t charge. Like, when I connected it to a charger, it showed an empty battery and a red cross over it. So my twitter friend @Capt_Ck suggested that the battery may be busted. So I took the thing to a blackberry store at Lokhandwala and they said that I had to go get it shown at the service center… at Ville Parle!! So I gave it to mom (she works near the service center) she too it to them and after making her wait for over an hour, they told her the SAME FUCKING THING THAT I FOUND OUT ON TWITTER!!! And when she asks what is to be done, they tell her to buy a new battery. SO she heads down to the store to purchase one. Surprise! They don’t have it! So she headed on to another blackberry stockist and he too told her the same! What’s more? I called up a couple of places around and NONE of them have the battery!! So WHAT exactly is one supposed to do?!? My rage is beyond words right now! Had it not been illegal, I’d very much like to go and set fire any and every thing that carries the Blackberry insignia!


  1. Finally! Thanks for spreading the word. I hate BB and especially BBM. More so the people who cannot live without it!

    • I dont mind the BBM, I dont mind anything as long as the bloody thing works!! When my boss asks me to do something, my reply just CANNOT be, “My phone is malfunctioning!!”

  2. itna gussa berry pe? never imagined one can write whole blog article for this..To be hubby,beware 🙂 🙂

    • It SUCKS!!!!!!!!!


    • Yes yes…. rub it in….

  4. bery bery bad but i love black berry .. i dont use internet at all on my bb reason i love it simply because my one year old makes spamm calls to all my long lost friends ..had i won a free Nokia at the meet perhaps it would be another story .. take it easy.. this energy this anger could be made to more positive constructive use .. cheers brighten up smile ..

    • very rationale view. I appriciate. Really I do not uinderstand why ppl carry away with their emotion.In long and short it is rubbish……. nothing more that 😐

      • totally! its a phone! good if it serves its purpose… bad if not!

    • 🙂

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