Posted by: miilee | January 10, 2013

Happy New Year and all that…

So those of you who actually follow my blog (very few, I’m sure) will remember my resolution from last year… Yes Yes… The one about one blog post every day of the year… That obviously didn’t go well… So like always, resolution broken..

But being the idiot that I am, I still made one more resolution for this year…


Hold on!!

I should be slapped for bad manners!

Before I go ahead, wish you all a very happy new year! Congratulations on having survived 2012… lets see if we make it to the end of 2013 without annihilating the planet..!


So, like you must have guessed by now, this blog post is as pointless as the stuff playing on most of the ‘NEWS’ channels….  nothing but a bit of rambling and an attempt at breaking the inertia and getting back to this poor old blog. So I’ll just go ahead and ramble. You are free to ignore and continue with whatever it was that you were doing… no seriously! I wont take offence..!

You sure..?

Ok then…

Since you are being kind enough to read on, I’ll try to take points and stick to those… jumping from one point to the other might remind you a little of jumping from one dry stone to another when crossing a water body… I just hope you don’t lose your balance and fall off somewhere…. Ready? So here goes:


The Delhi Rape Case and surrounding topics: Obviously that had to come up. I mean, everyone and their dog has voiced opinions about this one. It sure caught the whole country’s attention. What happened was monstrous… And what followed was even worse! Like I said on twitter, we must take note of the various things the people in power (in some form or another) are saying about this incident because never before have we had such a huge declaration of fools in our country! Anything and everything that I have to say about any of this has been said by various people.

I am not one to go for candle light vigils and change my DP on facebook and twitter in support of the poor girl. Again, like I tweeted, I will show my support in my own way: by raising good sons. I take an oath that if I am ever to raise any sons of my own or of an adoptive nature, I will make sure that I do the task well. No son of mine will ever so much as look at a woman in an inappropriate fashion. I will instill in my sons, the virtue of being men capable of  inhabiting a world where women can coexist safely and happily. They will look down upon the mistreating of women and if needed, will stand up to defend a woman’s honor. No son of mine will shy from his responsibility as a man to look out for the women with him. And he will DEFINITELY not himself be any sort of a threat to any woman. Not only will my sons find the very idea of any such act beneath their character but if all else is of no importance, they will fear the sense of guilt that will inevitably follow any such action on their part. And by some misfortune of mine if I fail in raising such men and ever hear of them having so much as whistled at a girl, I will personally bury my offspring before they graduate to being any more of a threat!

And if I am blessed with daughters instead, I will make them into women of such gumption; God save the men who even dream of messing with them…

This is my promise to the soul of that poor woman and to the other souls similarly tortured and maimed.

(Also, to the mothers of those men who commit these crimes, what the heck are you doing..? If I were you, I’d have finished hacking my son to pieces by now! For the love of God, take a stand! What are you waiting for..??)


OK, Jumping on to point 2 (hang on!)


My Resolutions for 2013: Again, obviously that had to come! Like, who doesn’t have resolutions?! This year, I am totally prepared for them to break again, but what the hell! Can’t hurt to try right..? So this year, I’ve decided to read at least one novel and go for at least one play  every month. Seems doable to me, especially since I quit my super time-consuming job and am now freelancing as a writer. I see myself having a lot more free time on my hands from here on. (Though the money may be a little bit of an issue but one can’t have it all!) On this front, I have made considerable progress! Started the year with Ashwin Sanghi‘s “The Krishna Key” (Having ended 2012 with his ‘Chanakya’s Chant‘) and while I waited for ‘The Rosabal Line‘ (Also by Sanghi), I started with ‘The Adventures of Sally’ – PG Wodehouse.  I admit here that Wodehouse was one writer that I had failed to read until now but error rectified! I am in love with his works! I am already on to ‘Something Fresh’  and have gone ahead and purchased ‘Leave it to Psmith’. On  the Plays front, already went for ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ put up by Akvarious Productions at the NCPA recently. Had enjoyed the book. Loved the play too! Up next is ‘The Compleat Wrks of Willm Shkspr (Abridged) at the NCPA at 7.30… TODAY!!


So yeah… That about sums it up for me… actually it doesn’t but it is pretty late in the night and I DON’T want to save this post as a draft because I will never end up posting anything! So here goes!


Also, Things that I plan to post:

A Short Story (As and when I manage to finish it!)

A list of books and plays I’d like to read and see this year. (I’d like it if you guys could throw in some suggestions)

A list of things I plan to do… a kind of a bucket list of sorts. (some of the things will be REALLY far-fetched but still!)

Some reviews (Now that I am actually reading and watching stuff, I could, you know, be a smart ass about it!)


So that’s all for now! G’nite!!

(and here’s a picture because, you know… makes for better visibility on fb and shit…)




  1. ah..! atlast somthing came up! Happy New Year to you too. Hope atleast this year your resolution goes well 🙂 n u better write a short story soon. m addicted to it 😀 (may be many) and about the Delhi case, you are talking about future if u blessed with son/daughter, that was nice.. bt what about the present?

    • Hey!! Glad to be back!! Will update on the resolution thing from time to time… About the present future thing, no matter what anyone says, one can’t do jackshit about the present scenario…. Already, the pak issue has diverted half the eyeballs…. Give it a couple more weeks, this case will slowly shift to the back burner and then will be off the heat…. Fact of the matter is that it is all well and fine to talk change… But raising good sons is the only sure shot, 100% possible solution that I know I can execute… It is more under my control than anything else and I alone can do it…

      Anyway, we can debate this to death… Remember the terror attack?? We all did those candle lit marches… We all cried for justice… What happened? We still ended up paying in crores for the security detail of the one man caught… Jessica’s perpetrator… Manu Sharma…. By all rights, he should be hung…. Or given rigorous imprisonment… For life! And there he is, whiling away a couple of months at tihar…. Filing in parole after false parole and leading the ‘law’ in a nice old dance…. The SC/ST/OBC reservation bill? Remember the hue and cry? The bill still hasn’t been sorted out…. There are countless such instances….

      So in this sort of scenario, if there is one thing I know I can and will do, it’s take care of the future… If more women take this oath today, I think we won’t need to fear a future where there would repeat performances of what we are seeing today…. Go to look at it, it’s the one thing that WILL bear fruit if you work at it. No need for the authorities to reciprocate with action for the results to come about 😉

      • haha.. such a long reply, its kinda blog in comments 😉 Agreed.. Agreed.. after couple more weeks more than half of the people vl forget about this case and slowly everyone (includes me as well) well.. its just a hope for a proper action against it.
        High-five… 🙂

      • I was in quite a chatty mood when you commented.. Thus the blog long reply… 😉 and we are all on the same side… So *hifi* to that!

  2. god bless your resolutions.
    Will love to see your reviews 🙂

    • Mwaah!! The resolution looks good right now! Lets see!

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