Posted by: miilee | January 11, 2013

Free Hugs Anyone..?

I’m supposed to be working right now. It’s way past mid night. There is an episode that awaits my attention for formatting. But out of nowhere, I found myself thinking of a nice, warm hug. Swift on the foot of that thought came the memory of this video I had seen sometime ago… a Free Hugs Campaign. 

So I went and looked for it on YouTube. I didn’t find the one I was looking for but found a couple of others. Just watching the videos made me feel so good…

I dont know if these videos are for real or choreographed. But look at the faces. They all look so happy! Just one simple act; a hug. It has the capacity of spreading such joy! Tell me, if you are walking down the street and something like this is happening there, would you not like being hugged? Agreed, by a complete, random stranger. But to exchange a warm hug; no questions asked, no explanations required. Won’t that feel nice? 

There is something amazingly magical about a hug. Don’t you think? Just to fling your arms around a person and squeezing tight. There can be a world of emotions that can be held in that one hug. An understanding of support; I’m here for you. Restoring confidence; everything will be all right. Warmth, compassion, and an endless sea of joy! 

You may not know the person you hug but sometimes you don’t need to. Sometimes, the knowledge of the fact that there is a heart beating on the other side of their ribs just like there is one in your chest is enough! Whoever they are, wherever they are from, whatever their life is about, its OK. A Hug is acceptance; whatever you are, its OK! A sincere hug breaks through all barriers; black or white, male or female, straight or gay, tall, short, educated, uneducated, young, old… whatever the distinction. A hug can cross them all. 

I think we all need these hugs. We all walk around with so much stuff weighing us down! Our jobs, financial situations, illnesses, family concerns, relationships, national issues, war, world peace, environment, global warming… the list could be long enough to be made into a book! We could all do with setting aside our burdens for a little while. We could all do with a friendly hug every once in a while. To know that we are not alone. There is always someone else, battling the same woes like ours. We could all do with a hug to comfort each other that all is not dark; all is not lost… because there IS magic in a hug… an honest, warm hug, not one of those fake ones that the presidents of countries exchange in front of media cameras… Tell me, doesn’t a hug make you smile? Doesn’t it make you feel warm inside? Like in a cold, frosty night, someone has lit a camp fire near you..? 

It does, doesn’t it? So it obviously is a happy, positive thing to do. In a world that has become so dark and murky, I think it is one hell of a nice thing, this hug. It makes a connection between people. 

I think of all the things that can be put under the title of human achievement, the Hug ranks the highest. And unlike most other things, I think this Hug, is the ultimate sign of our humanity…



  1. You have my hugs. Enjoy ur night at work. 🙂

    • Awwww!! Thanks!! *hugs back*

  2. This post reminded me of two scenes. Munna Bhai’s “jaadu ki jhappi” and A.R. Rahman’s Jiya Se Jiya “Free Hugs” 🙂 hug can make feel others better what ever the scenario is happy, sad, angry.. Good post n well written xoxo

    • Thanks!! (And one of the links I posted was Rehman’s) 🙂

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