Posted by: miilee | March 22, 2013

What would YOU want to watch..?

So here’s the deal… I’ve been working in the Indian TV industry for a while now…

Behind the scenes, writing, casting… done a bit of most of it.

And I have a problem with what we make. I think we are capable of far, far better.. In terms of story, characters, costumes, direction… everything…

But I could be the only one thinking this.. So I want to know what you guys think..

Do you willingly watch Indian TV shows…? If not, what DO you watch? What do you think is lacking in our shows? and what sort of series would make you hold your breath for the next episode?

Consider this some sort of personal research. Please use the comment space liberally and tell me!! PLEASE!!!




  1. I’d love to see some more urban comedies on the lines of Everybody loves Raymond, Two & A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, etc. I am sure these kind of characters exist in India too, it’s a matter of time before they get featured on television.

    • That’s a good thought….

  2. There was a time when me along with my family, mohalle wale bachche all together used to watch Mahabharat, thereafter, Surabhi and Good Morning India for quite a long time. Now-a-days it’s comedy circus plus planet earth and that too on youtube 🙂

    • Lol! So no tv at all??

  3. No I would rather kill myself than watching Daily Soaps
    What are we lacking -Most Importantly Logic,Story ,Fresh Approach in term of treatment because after 2 months each show is the stereotype Saas Bahu Drama.
    What Pisses me off – Well i wrote a blogpost about it, read it if you have time-

    And its not like we don’t have capability apart from the golden period of 90s my hopes were revived when Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai ,Powder were on AIR but sadly it was over after one season.Hope there are more people like you willing to make TV shows for people like us.Until then “May the torrents be with us” 🙂

    • You know why Powder and the other yashraj shows shut?
      No viewership… This is the hypocrisy of our country… They crib about the shows but still watch them… And when better stuff is made, they don’t watch at all! What will the channels do? After all, they too are in a business na… So jo bikega wahi dikhega…,

      • Quite true actually.Same with bollywood People watch Ek tha TIger in theatres & Udaan on laptop and then complain Why Ek tha Tiger made 100 crores.Because of people like you doofus .Things are changing for bollywood hopefully kabhi daily Soap me bhi change aayega 🙂

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