In all this time that I’ve been writing, I know for a fact that people tend to take things personally.  So here is a clarification for my readers about my posts:
I have strong views and opinions and most of them are reflected in my casual writing. My poems, my short stories and my blogs mirror what I think or believe. Everything that comes to mind on seeing, hearing or experiencing the world as it comes to me becomes a story, a concept for a script, a poem, or just a note. Often, Since my thoughts are strong, my posts too are equally expressive, thanks to the reasonable language skills that I’ve been taught by my mother. However, all my posts are my personal takes on things. Anyone is free to agree or disagree with me and we could have long conversations either building up a good defence for the side we commonly stand for or debate eloquently over the issue at hand. In any case, it is the instrument of reason and rationale that must be employed, especially in my opinion pieces. About my writing skills too, if you have a correction or suggestion or critique, I’ll be glad to hear it. However, none of my notes are an instrument of targeting any one individual or group of individuals. Any particular mention of people is done with their consent or on the basis of the goodwill respecting my relation with them or because they are people from the public domain and thus justifies subjects of opinions. I am expressing an opinion here, not standing for elections, and I like exploring my freedom of expression as far as possible. Most of my work is creative writing with thoughts woven into them. There are a few opinion pieces and they are not to be taken personally. For those who have taken personal offence at my writings, I strongly suggest you don’t read my work. As I said, I like to express what I think, so I won’t be writing what people want to read, I’ll be writing what I want to. There is no reason for me to be diplomatic here, since this comes under the umbrella of personal expression. My posts are supposed to be entertaining and often stimulate thoughts. I hope my readers move beyond personal issues and take them in the right spirit. I hope they stimulate thoughts for you and you enjoy reading them.


  1. yes, go on writing. its best thing to share own thoughts. and thoughts became your bunddle of energy which is your soul. keep it up. u may visit my blog : http://drsudhirshah.wordpress.com as well as web site : http://www.zero2dot.org

    god bless u all,

  2. Correction, suggestion, criticism, nothing of that sort. But yes, I would like to add a compliment, you write well, so why not write often?

    • Thanks a lot for dropping by Raj and I’m glad you liked my blog. And I do write pretty regularly; at least twice a week. however, had been out for a trek to Leh- Ladakh. Am just back and already drafting my posts about the trek. Hope you’ve subscribed so you can read them when I put them up!
      Thanks again!

  3. i had spent alot time with u… but dear as per me i never had thought this bud of challenges will be growing so high to touch even the brains of angels up above skies… ur thoughts are the strenght n support to those people who remain on the dark side of their lifes letting them all know, there are some persons who are meant for the man kind in every era…

  4. Hi Maithili, I am writing to you on behalf of The Viewspaper regarding a major event on Twitter. If interested, please contact us at garvitak@theviewspaper.net


    • Hi Garvita,

      Thanks for writing to me. I’ll drop you a mail asap.


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