Presenting… Me!!

Well, am a journalism student, waiting to graduate, waiting for ‘Life’ to happen, I guess. I have an imaginative mind, which has survived all the demolition drives of our educational systems. I’m not a thinker, but thoughts are welcome guests in that otherwise idle and empty brain. I discard some, the others I like to munch on for some time. There are few though, that I treasure. So here are some of them. A few discarded ones too…. 🙂 My writing may range from totally brainlessly stupidly funny to a little thought provoking. So enjoy yourselves!!


Update: Well, read this page after a long long time… am not a student any more *Sigh*… On the contrary, have finished my graduation in Journalism and am now working in TV production. Almost everything else remains the same though… go ahead, read the blog!!



  1. Hallo,
    Good to go through your Blog.

    • hey glad u liked it..

  2. Good to know that you are a journalism student. All the best with your creative imaginations and the thoughts flowing through your mind… don’t get carried away with the way the current media is. Life will be more enticing when you have uniqueness 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement… It sure is depressing out there right now, but there is always hope 🙂

  3. blogging is good.

    • 🙂 thanks! I’m glad you liked it… And welcome to my blog 🙂

  4. 🙂

    • 😉

  5. A nice read. All the best

    • thanks! Glad you liked it…

  6. A pretty nice blog you have here. Will be back for more good read.
    Prateek aka Snowleopard

    • read ur blog too… damn neat! your posts on Nagaland got me thinking of my time there…

      • Thank You. Actually I wouldn’t have written about it, but I read this month’s issue of ‘Lonely Planet’. They had a featured article about Nagaland. And that got me thinking of my time in that area. 🙂

  7. Prateek (or snowleopard) in the above comment suggested me to read your blog, particularly the post on Leh. I must say it is very well written. And great pics. I look forward to reading few more posts.

    Good luck with your graduation.

    • That’s nice of him to recommend my humble ramblings…
      abt leh, well, the place is so splendid, you can’t help but get poetic and enamored abt it.. 🙂

      • Yeah Leh is fantastic. By the way, why name your blog as latent thoughts?

      • Well, like the description says, it’s stuff from the back of my mind. In the hurry of daily life, active thoughts zip past the brain, so fast that barely any are registered. Yet, some of these thoughts settle down into the back of mind so that i can chew on them at leisure….. those, are my Latent Thoughts… 🙂

  8. Very good blog. Nice writing, excellent pictures.. Looking forward to see more pictures. Also best wishes for your journalism study.

    • Thanks!

  9. Hi miilee ,
    This is vijay , the pharmaceutical guy , i am up with my company , The Pharmaceutical Inspiration
    I wanted to meet you in the indee blogger meet after i listened you ,
    You are awsom writter

    • Thank you so much Vijay!
      Glad you like my writing. Do feel free to read and comment on any of my random posts…. I’ll be posting about the meet soon.. 🙂

  10. Hi
    We are writing to you on behalf of Yahoo! India. We came across your blog and would be keen to discuss a new online program!
    This is about a new micro blogging concept launched by Yahoo! India recently.
    The idea is to connect with you and get your perspective. We would like to send you a media kit for the same, which will include some swags and information collaterals.
    It would be great if you share with us your email address and number, so that we can contact you and share more details.
    Many Thanks
    Madhup Arora

    • Hey,
      Glad you stumbled upon my blog and cared to contact. I’d be delighted to know more of this. Feel free to drop me a mail at and we can take it ahead from there. 🙂

  11. Hey Mileee….

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog. It’s very interesting to see your take on very strong subjects like religion (as in Ganapathi Visarjan). Keep blogging!!

    I would just like to know how to follow you on blogger. I couldn’t find out how to subscribe or to follow… I would like to be kept in the loop! So, I would really appreciate it if you could reply to and let me know about this…


    • Glad you liked the blog! Though I often blog about travel and other such stuff, there are times when I feel like using my skill with languages to help formulate, solidify, propagate and popularize a mindset or belief that will influence the future in a positive manner.. about the subscription, I’ll drop you a mail.. 🙂

  12. love u gal….tu toh ultimate hai….imagiantion …visualization…..u r simply superb….

    • Thanks shrutiji!!

  13. You know what, the first few lines forced me to make a well-informed guess that you are either a journalism or a literature student. And here you are. (this is one of the rare instances my judgement turned right)

    • LMAO!!! Welcome to the blog, Victor!

  14. You got an AWESOME blog Miilee. 🙂
    Keep on Blogging, and keep us entertained 😉

    • Thanks for reading Indu! I’m really glad you liked the blog.. 🙂

  15. I dropped in today to let you know that your poem will be featured in Poetic License tomorrow and I wanted to thank you again for allowing me to showcase it.

    • Hey thanks!! I’m really glad.. 🙂

  16. Hey Good thoughts… Superlike!!!!

    • thanks for dropping by Anagha!

  17. Gr8 work.. keep it UP…!!!

    • Hey.. Glad you liked it..

  18. Yeh, that was my question as soon as I read the first line! Then I stumbled upon the little post scripted update at the end of the page!

    • lol! Thanks for reading through!

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