Well, when you say that, there are a bizarre variety of things that hold my interest. I do have a very restive mind, but amongst the many things, I like reading. Do indulge in reading fiction and romance every once in a while but have also begun enjoying non-fiction of late.

I absolutely LOVE traveling, especially to places close to nature and peace. Treks are just my cup of tea. The best anti-depressant, stress-buster, and morale-booster of all times is a tree. Hug it! You’ll know what I’m saying.

Amongst the most vital things that interest me is social work. Ok, stop the awful cliche of the khadi wearing social worker! I’m not that. I just like to ensure that I’m doing my part in making this world a little more suitable for my child. So tree plantations, anti-plastic drives, social enterprise, name it and I’m on it. (I’ll probably write a page about that a little later….)

I also take to writing at the drop of a hat. Aggravated? irritated? enlightened? pleased? I write! I like giving words to my silent thoughts. A lot of them end up staying on the wrong sides of hand outs in class where I’m not supposed to be having those thoughts in the first place, but some make their way to this blog.

Besides that, I’m a mad foodie. I LOVE dogs! I probably will have more animals in my house than children (once I HAVE a house, that is).

I also like to put in efforts to ensure that I look presentable. Not too much into fashion and all, but I like to dress in a manner that ensures that people take me seriously. (It doesn’t feel too bad when I turn a few heads in the street either 😉 )

Well, I guess that’s about it. And I can always edit later if I feel like adding… 🙂



  1. I read your blog and tried hugging a tree, but ants got into my t-shirt and bit me. Just wanted to let you know.

    • lol!! u should have looked before hugging!! go do it to a neem tree… u won’t find any insects on it….

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