I’ve realised that I do actually say a fair few quotable lines (I just shot Humility in the head)…. I actually know people passing on my status messages on Facebook and Twitter. So I thought I’d like to start my section here; a compilation of all those random and not so random lines of mine. So here goes! Milisays…

“There is nothing more artificial than the hugs and smiles at a social event. Indeed the botoxed lips look more genuine.”

“If anything, they should criminalize artificial hugs.”

“If you meant that to be a good impression, I wouldn’t want to be around when you intend to make a bad one.”

“If I look interested in what you’re saying, forgive me…. I meant to look bored… ”

“Give me a quarter of a day from my childhood…. and I’ll live an eternity in it… “

“It tips you over and throws you into the most horrible of messes and makes you wonder why it happened. But somehow, in the end, it all seems worth it.”

“They say you spend a life time looking for true love yet when it gets to you, you don’t know what hit you…  Must be worth trying”

“I wonder if people in love ever see the world in the same way as the others.”

“The one person that you love the most can also be the one you have the bitterest and angriest fights with. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love; Just means you love enough.”

“Put back your head, close your eyes and let the gentle notes roll over your senses. And when you feel the very core of your being responding to the melody, THAT my friend, is the ultimate seduction.”

“The Piano speaks, so does the Violin and the Saxophone… They all read out the words from my heart and soul”

“Quietly they sneak upon you, reach out quietly and before you know, they take your breath away…”

“There is nothing as sublime as a perfectly matched set of music and lyrics. They are proof that together, anything can be achieved. Anything”

“The answer to every “why me?” is the same….. we’re all a part of the cosmic joke… ”

“It is good to have pretty days… it makes my heart skip..!!”

“Today feels like a wonderfully made chocolate cake…!!”

I know I love being a woman because the men around me make my life worth while… So thanks to all the men, for letting me be what I am…. “

“Friend: Someone who hugs you even when you’re trying to act tough; someone who knows that inside, you really need that hug…”

“The Cocoa and the Coffee beans are God’s brownie points to mankind…”

” Just because you have a ‘God’ complex doesn’t mean that I have to be the devotee… ”

“The last man standing…. could be a possible case of piles”

“I’m generally good with animals… you’re just an exception”

“I’d trade lives with you… but you don’t have one..!!”

“I’d have replied sarcastically, but you wouldn’t have understood it anyway… so forget it… ”

” … hanging by a thread…. but the funny thing is, the thread holds on when i want it to break….. and let me fall into the endless abyss….. ”

“what is life, if not but a dewdrop on the sands of time…

to linger a bit, glimmer a bit and then disappear; surreal… sublime…”

“I’m the last warrior… the rugged, lone rider on the horizon.
I am the daughter of the soil, I have no choice.. I must go on…. “
” There doth be no dusk nor dawn for the travelling sun; for wherever he shall be, the day’s long begun….”
“You let me down; I didn’t cry. Now you want to come back. Just try….”
“How thick is your skull?!?! That was supposed to be an insult, you moron!”
“If you want to impress me, at least use a language that you don’t fuck up! “
“And you thought you were funny….. now THAT’s a joke I’m gonna laugh on!”
“That’s a snore, you idiot! stop talking, you’re putting people to sleep!”
“You look like the Education System’s grandest success, cause I’ve never seen a person as moronic as you.”
“Do you understand body language or do I have to hold up a signboard saying “I’m not interested *Yawn* ” ?”
“You’ll make a good mommy…. you’re good at putting people to sleep.”
“If you were Adam, I am sooooo sure the human race would have stopped right beneath Eve’s foot.”
“what deo do you use?…. yeah, well, hope you know you got cheated… it doesn’t seem to be working.”
“Do the world a favor….. Jump off a cliff…. and make sure you don’t get caught in a branch….”
“If you were the last human on earth, I’d mutate into another species…”
“I’ll go get some sleep… In the meanwhile, try n see if you can go get a life..”
“I need to check with my insurance people to see if you’re covered under the ‘Natural Disasters’ category.”


  1. Mast hai..Keep it up 🙂

    • Thank you ji… I’ll keep updating it as new ones come to me…

  2. Hey Miilee

    Great work! nice quotes there~! Loved the ones on love! Must say my fav is “I wonder if people in love ever see the world in the same way as the others.”

    Keep posting more! Keep up the good work!


    • hey thanks!! glad u liked it! do subscribe so you’ll know every time i update it… 🙂

      • That part is already done madam! Was actually trying to tweet this! 🙂

      • tweet what??

      • Tweet the link of this post 🙂

      • ooooh… ok.. well, u got the short link na??

      • Yes! used url shortener! ( ! so that it gives me enough scope to write in the 140 char limit of twitter and also helps me track the number of clicks and track information about that link!

        Already tweeted about this! 🙂


      • well, next time, go to the ‘blog info’ tab on top, and in that, you can get a short link to the post..

  3. “The answer to every “why me?” is the same….. we’re all a part of the cosmic joke… “

    Loved the above. Nice compilation!

    • 🙂 glad you liked it… and welcome to my blog 🙂

  4. I planned to have one of these for my blog too but later dropped the idea… but now I feel like putting it up 🙂 Thank you.

    • do it do it!!! we are all very nice, quotable people!!!

  5. read all your quotes for the second time 🙂

    • lol.. I’m glad you liked them enough…

  6. Superb awesome….

    • thanks!!

  7. Great Miilee liked all of them

    • thanks!

  8. Hey you’re one of those rare bloggers I see who replies to each and every comment:) quite like that! Enjoyed reading your quotable quotes…will come back:)

    • I like it when people read and respond….
      I want my readers to know that i care about the response, and they’re not writing one sided stuff…

      my way of saying ‘i’m listening’ .. 🙂

      glad you liked the blog… feel free to comment anywhere or share anything that you like.. 🙂

  9. The ‘cynical’ section is quite large and nasty. Did crack me up though 🙂

    • lol…. I’ve tweeted most of this with the #milisays tag….

  10. Hey…Even I have been planning to compile my FB “quotes”. Glad to realise someone’s thought of it before. 😀 🙂

    You seem to be doing quite well in the ‘insults’ department. So many “insult-worthy” people around, eh? 😉 😀

    Good blog! You go girl! 😀

  11. superb !

    • Thanks! 😉

  12. Great compilation! 🙂

    • glad u liked it.. 🙂

  13. sooper compilation 😀

    • 🙂 will be updating with today’s spewed tweets..

  14. Superb ..just loved it write amazingly well..inspire me

  15. good thoughts.

  16. 😀

    But what’s wrong with fonts here?

    • lol!! No clue… copy pasted these as I came up with them… every time I updated the post, the font was different… didn’t bother to change.. 🙂

  17. nice thoughts. dont mind if i use them as my status messages on Facebook, etc 😛

    • Plz feel free…. Would be obliged if you could mention the Latent Thoughts Facebook page when you quote 🙂 glad you liked them!

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