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stagnum memoriae

Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes. She has problems with closet space because she has too many books. Date a girl who has a list of books she wants to read, who has had a library card since she was twelve.

Find a girl who reads. You’ll know that she does because she will always have an unread book in her bag. She’s the one lovingly looking over the shelves in the bookstore, the one who quietly cries out when she finds the book she wants. You see the weird chick sniffing the pages of an old book in a second hand book shop? That’s the reader. They can never resist smelling the pages, especially when they are yellow.

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The Poem

I went out strolling in the rain the other day,
And I bumped into Thought somewhere on my way,
So I said a “Hi!” and He said “Hullo!”
And we both got talking as we went with the flow.

Then we both decided, a drink must be had.
Since we didn’t meet often (and that was just sad!)
So we headed for a Cosy Nook that I once knew.
They still did serve by far the finest brew.

“I say,” I said, as Thought had his drink.
“We haven’t met in weeks or months, I think!”
“I guess you’re right,” Thought said ruefully.
“But now that we’re here, let’s live this day fully”

“Let’s do that!” I said, and raised another beer.
But how we’d do that was still pretty unclear.
So we drained our mugs and set them on the bar
And started to plot out some schemes bizarre

“I know!” Said Thought as he grinned like an elf.
“How about, you write and I’ll just be myself!”
“Hey, that’s cool!” I said with fervour.
“I’ll pen down a poem before the day is over!”

So we got down to work with pen and paper.
Put down some words, stuck our heads together.
But things just wouldn’t fall in to place at all!
So yet another ruined sheet I crumpled into a ball.

And we sat there and wondered for hours on end,
What part were we missing? What do we mend?
My pages were now covered in some untidy scrawl
But the poem wouldn’t sound like a poem at all!

Just then, from the door, Rhyme walked in,
He put out his cigarette and aimed it at the bin.
Then he waved out and said merrily, “Hey! Wassup?
I’d like some coffee! Could you make me a cup?”

He threw us a look, a smile and a ‘hello’
We waved back, and a conversation did follow.
We told him our plight, of the poem gone wrong.
He laughed loud at us and we chuckled along.

We showed him our work, the sheets full of words,
And he picked them all up and tore them in thirds!
And he beamed at us, his eyes had a gleam!
“Worry not!” He said, “I have a scheme!”

With that, he threw all our words in the air,
And Thought and I almost cried, ‘unfair!”
But before we so much as uttered a squeak,
Rhyme laid out the words and we took a peek!

And lo and behold! A miracle it was!
A wonder, no doubt! And we broke into applause!
Rhyme took a bow as we read through the verses
They all seemed to fit! Like women and purses!

So we celebrated with rancour till the hour got late.
And the drinking had staggered our retreating gait.
We bid farewell to the nook and each other.
Promising to catch up, on an evening or another.

And I staggered away, happy as a clown
Dancing to a tune as I headed to town.
With a smile on my face and a beat at my feet,
And rolled up in my pocket, a poem complete!

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Best Friend

(Note: I’m writing a story after quite a long time. Hope I didn’t run away with the length and I hope you guys like it. Feedback plij!)


She knew he loved the beauty of the breaking dawn. She’d lost count of the number of times the two of them had sat on this terrace and watched the sun rise over the city. She knew it cheered him up no matter how low he felt. She just hoped for the same now.

She turned to watch him as the first rays touched his hair. His chiseled features were brought to life by the light playing on them. She sighed. He still wasn’t smiling.

“Hey…”  She whispered…

He didn’t turn but a single tear rolled down his cheek. Then without a word, he buried his head in his arms and gave in to a wave of misery. Silent sobs shook his hunched figure.

She sighed and put her arm around his heaving shoulders, holding him close, trying to comfort him as best as she could.

“Oh c’mon..!”

Eventually, his sobs subsided a little and he raised his head, wiping his face on his sleeves, muttering an apology. To the world, he was the tough guy. She knew that she was the only one who he’d show his tears to.

“Feeling better?”

He nodded slightly, very evidently still holding back.

“You need to talk… Why won’t you talk to me?”

He shrugged, “There’s nothing left to talk about… she left me for another guy… what do I say?”

“Well… you could abuse her a little… it helps!” she said, making an attempt at a lighter note.

But he just shook his head. “Maybe it isn’t her fault… maybe I was wrong for her in the first place…”

She hated the defeated sound of his voice. “Maybe, she’s a bitch and she couldn’t see that she had the best guy in the world…” she said bitterly.

“You’re just sayin’ that to make me feel better..”

“No… I’m saying that because it’s the truth…”

At that, he looked at her, his eyes still clouded. “Then why..?”

She sighed. She didn’t know how to respond to that. “I don’t know Karan… I wish I did… But I don’t…”

His arm snaked around her and his head dropped on to her shoulder. She held him tighter, resting her cheek on his head. They fit together perfectly; like each of their bodies had learnt the shape of the other’s and knew how to fit.

So they sat there for a little longer till the sun came up nice and proper and the noises of the city below hailed the beginning of the day.

He sighed and got up. “I must go… you probably have to go get ready for something… I’m bad company anyway… Let me not bring you down…”

She held his hand as he made to move away. “Never say that.” She said, standing up as she did. “Never ever say that.”

“Well… I am kind of a sob story right now… “

“Whatever story you are… you are my story…” She said, injecting all the possessive pride she felt into the ‘my’.

He hugged her.

“Now don’t you dare say ‘thank you’ or some other bull crap like that… ok?”

“Ok..” He mumbled into her hair and she could feel that he was smiling too. “But you do know that I’m glad to have you as my best friend, right?”

She sighed. Her heart sank a little.

“I Do…” She said. “I’m here for you… as your best friend… always…” It hurt. It hurt a lot even to say it.

He pulled apart and smiled down at her. “What would I do without you..?”

She wrinkled up her nose as she looked up at him, hoping as hell that her hurt didn’t show in her eyes. “Nothing, I guess..!”

He laughed. It was a beautiful sound, his laughter. “Yeah… I guess you’re right. I might even have jumped off from some cliff if it weren’t for you…”

“Don’t!” She said, the very thought filling her with a dreadful feeling. “Don’t even think those things, Ok…”

“I won’t. I promise.” He said, putting an arm around her shoulders as they headed for the elevator. “Why would I? When I have you as a friend?”


They went back to her flat and she busied herself in making them a breakfast.

“Scrambled eggs and bread or Maggi?” She called out. There was also bread and jam, but she knew he didn’t like to have sweet stuff in the morning.

“Maggi..!” He yelled back from the bathroom where he was brushing his teeth. For fourteen years now, he’d been keeping a set of clothes, a toothbrush and a towel at her place. She’d shifted three houses but his stuff had always come along in the packing cases.

When he got to the table, she places a bowl of the steaming noodles and sauce before him with his mug of tea just the way he liked it; a little too sweet with a lot of milk.

He started on the noodles, pausing occasionally for a sip of tea. She watched him out of the corner of her eye as she had her black coffee and toast. Finally done, he put his fork down and fell back in his chair, heaving a contented sigh.

“Better..?” She asked, eying him. He looked a lot calmer.

“Hmm…”  He said.

“Can I ask you something..? Promise me you won’t get upset..?” She asked cautiously.

“Go ahead…” He said, a little warily.

“Did you watch the sun rise with her..? Was that why you…”


She nodded. He sighed and got up from the chair with his mug. For a moment she thought he may not answer but he sat on the window ledge and sipped his tea, as if to strengthen himself, then said, “Yes… at first… before things went, you know…” And he gestured a downhill motion with his free hand.

“She used to cuddle with me, often wanted to make out with me as we sat there.  At first, it was all hot and sizzling but later, I realized that she wasn’t that into watching the sunrise as I was. She always wanted to do everything else but watch the horizon. You know,” he looked at her, “Like we do. Just sit and watch the light changing… Then once we had a fight; she wanted to sleep a little longer and wanted me there. I wanted to go to the terrace and I refused to get back into bed. That’s when things started to fall apart, I guess.” He looked at her, the pain evident in his eyes. “A sunrise.” He grunted out a harsh laugh. “That’s what we fought over. She accused me of valuing the sunrise over her. I told her she always wanted things her way and didn’t value the things I did.”

He sounded distant, like he was digging these memories up from some deep, dark place inside of him. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t move. Now that he was finally speaking, she didn’t want to do anything that would make him stop. He needed to talk; to get this out of his system. And she had to hear him out, even if it sliced her heart to ribbons. She owed that to him. As a friend.

“We didn’t talk that day.” He continued, talking into the space outside the window. “That was the first time we didn’t talk. We patched up by evening. I said sorry. But then, we fought again. And again. It was a different thing every time; the way I have my tea, the way I wear my hair, my choice of toothpaste, the way she cooked Maggi…” he glanced at the empty plate on the table and added, “I’m used to the way you make it, you know. She over cooked it. Always. And when I told her not to, she insisted that it tasted better her way. So we fought.”

He moved back to the table, keeping down his empty mug, staring into thin air, contemplating. “Then we fought over my mother. She called and I took the call when we were watching some romantic movie. I hated the movie but I was watching. Then Mom called and I took the call! But apparently, I was supposed to value the time we spent together enough to tell mom to call later. So we fought again.” He absently ran a long finger over the rim of the mug, lost in thought. “We kept fighting but we’d eventually make peace. I thought that’s the way it is supposed to be. You fight but you stay together. So I roughed it through, waiting for the bad patch to be over so that we could get to the good bit. But I guess that only happens in stories, huh..?” He looked up at her, throwing a sad smile her way. “You’ve always said I’m an idiot idealist… I guess I’ve learnt my lesson. She didn’t want to wait for the good bit after the rough patch. She wanted her good bit right here and now. So I got home last week and I found her letter on the table.” He looked away, out of the window again. “She’d always been clever with her words; that’s how she’d win those arguments. She’d always leave me speechless at the end of every spat. And that letter… well, that left me speechless alright…”

She couldn’t sit any longer so she got up and moved to stand behind him, a hand on his shoulder.

He covered her hand with his own and laughed a short, humorless laugh as he said, “quite a mess I am, huh?”

“Yeah…” She said ruefully. “But I’ll sort you out. Just you wait.” She gave his shoulder a squeeze and moved back around the table. “Tell you what, I’ve got my office party this weekend. Come along as my date and I’ll show you some better women. Trust me!” She went on enthusiastically as he threw back his head and laughed. “I’m serious! You’ll fee soooo much better!”

“You honestly want to play match maker with me? When I’m this mess..? Trust me, I’m the worst kinda guy right now… no girl would want to be my date.”

“I would,” she said earnestly. A little too earnestly, she realized belatedly and hastily covered up; “I mean, a heart-broken guy is the easiest target! Didn’t you know? The chicks in my office will worship me for the rest of the year if I throw you into the mix! Handsome heartbroken hunk! Where would they get one of those anywhere else? Trust me, you’re a catch right now..!” She joked on and they both laughed for a few more minutes.

“No, but seriously…” He said later. “I don’t think I want to jump back into the game this soon. I need time…”

“Then just come as my date. No match making. I promise!” He threw her a suspicious glance till she said indignantly, “What! You want me to do the cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die act now?”

He laughed, “Ok… I’ll come. But I’ll leave the moment you decide to get up to one of those sly tricks of yours! If I dance, I’m only dancing with you and you are forbidden to leave my side. No washroom excuses. Done?”

“Done” She said, smiling. Just then, the door bell rang and she went to get it.

“Manan!” she said, smiling at the tall, wiry man standing at her doorstep.

“Hey Kaavya…” he said, pushing his glasses up his nose and hitching a folder higher under his right arm. “I know it’s a Sunday and we’re off work but I wanted to go through those articles one more time with you before we present this in office tomorrow…”

“Of course!” She said, stepping back to let him in, “Come on in. You’ll have some tea?” she offered brightly.

Manan had stepped in and seen Karan. “Hey!” He said, keeping his folder down on the coffee table and walking up to Karan to give him a friendly hug. “Nice to see you back in civilization buddy! How you holdin’ up?”

“Pretty Ok, I guess..” Karan grinned back, “This woman out here is kinda putting the pieces back together for me…”

Both men turned to look at her; Karan’s appreciative, warm, thankful gaze and Manan’s more cynical, almost cold look.

“Yeah… Kaavya, the agony aunt” Manan muttered, but jerked himself back into the moment, slapping Karan on the shoulder he said, “Impressive job, I must say! But good riddance dude… no offence but that babe of your’s was a piece of work.”

Karan didn’t respond to that and she quickly moved to change the topic. “more tea Karan? I’m making some for Manan…”

“Actually,” Manan interrupted. “I could come later, Kaavya. I mean, if you guys want to, you know… talk?”

She wanted to take him up on that offer but before she could open her mouth, Karan moved over to the couch and picked up his satchel from there. “Nah.. “ He said lightly to Manan, “I was on my way out anyhow. You guys carry on, I wont keep you from the real work.” He winked at Kaavya, “Later then?”

“Yeah” She said weakly, then remembered, “Don’t forget about Saturday!”

“Won’t.” He flung over his shoulder on his way out. “It’s a date… with you!” He winked at her one last time and closed the door after him.


“Date, huh?”

She turned around to find Manan glaring coldly at her, his arms crossed tightly in front of him.

“Yeah…” said, dragging a hand through her hair, avoiding his eye. “I’ve invited him to-“

“-the office party. I figured.” He cut in, coldly.

She tried to dodge the topic and get to work but he kept giving her his cold look.

“What!” She finally said, exasperated. “He’s low, Manan! The man has just been dumped! He’s hurting!”

“Yeah?” He asked skeptically. “And what about you? You’re all cool with playing the agony aunt, huh? Putting the pieces together for him?”

“Yes, I am!” She said vehemently. “He’s my best buddy!”

Manan snorted derisively, “Best buddy, my ass… You’ve loved him since you knew what love is, woman! And..” He raised a hand, stalling her protest, “I’m not blind. I’ve known you guys for ten years now. There is nothing plainer than the fact that the man means more to you than a just a friend. I see it. But you won’t show it to him. Why? It’s beyond me! You guys are as compatible as it gets! You practically read each other’s minds, for heaven’s sake!”

“He’s in pain, Manan…” She said slowly. “he needs my help to get back on his feet…”

“And you’re gonna do that and torture yourself? For how long? Kaavya, you can’t keep going on this way! You can’t do this to yourself…”

“Watch me.” She said resolutely, raising her chin defiantly. “He trusts me to put him back together and I’ll be damned if I let him down. I’m gonna do what it takes- whatever it takes- to help him through this.”

“Even if it hurts you? Tears you to pieces?” Manan said softly, his eyes kind and worried for her.

“Yes…” She whispered back, letting her shoulders slump. “What he needs right now, is his best friend. And that’s what I’m gonna be… his best friend…” She looked Manan in the eye, not trying to blink back the lone tear that silently slid down her cheek.

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A Note for Every Mood

(Note: I seem to be horrible at sticking to resolutions! I’d resolved to post at least one post every day for this year and seeing as my last post has been in Jan, it doesn’t say much about my commitment! To my defense, it was an impractical resolution, to begin with and then what with my phone getting lost and laptop breaking down, it did become a tad more difficult to do this than I thought. But now is as good a time as any to post so… here goes!)

Its been a while since I’ve felt down or low. Yes, I’ve been tired, worn out, exhausted etc but not depressed or sorrowful or melancholy. But that seems to be the word for now; Melancholy.

And before any of you wonder, no, I haven’t had a nasty break up. There has been no recent, painful death in my family or friends and I haven’t been thrown out of a job. I’m just… low..

And if I tell you why, a lot of you will laugh at me. Some of you may relate and some may decide to shut this tab and read something else. I’m low because of a song.

The other day, we were working on putting music to a pilot episode that we’ve shot for a new show. For that, I needed the song, ‘Saare Sapne Kahi Kho Gaye’ by Alka Yagnik.  I’d almost forgotten this track and heard it today after a long time… Its a beautiful song. There is a bitter sweet pain and hopelessness in it that touches a chord.

And its this song that has put me in a bit of a low spot. I dont know if it has happened to any of you but often, songs have a tendency of affecting my mood. I’m pretty certain there will be loads of studies on the effects of music on people’s emotional state.

It isnt like I have anything immediate to be upset about. Yet, as the notes of this track reverberated around me today, I felt a sense of desolation engulf me. I felt tears stinging the back of my throat as I held them back. There is no painful memory attached to this song for me. Yet as Yagnik’s voice went on, I felt causelessly sad.

Suddenly, I felt lonely. I felt worries that I hadn’t thought of in a long long time. I felt a sense of hopeless loss. I felt like the most defeated person on earth.

Everything that seems of no consequence in the light of the day seemed to crowd my horizon; being single, having almost no family or social life, being financially cornered, the drudgery of my routinely hectic but almost predictably life. All these things felt too overwhelming. All those things that I wanted to do but couldn’t, everything that I had wanted to become but hadn’t achieved yet. Everything came to the forefront.

I felt like collapsing right there, curling into a ball and weeping till eternity.

Now, I pride myself on having a hold on my emotions. I’m not one to give in to tears at the drop of a hat; at least not now and definitely not over a song! Yet it surprised me to know that if it wasn’t for the fact that I was working and had my colleagues around me, I would have broken down right there!

It just brought to me how fragile I was inside. All it took for me to feel this low was a song. No matter how brave a face I put up, there are those things in me that will break at the slightest instigation.

If a song could do this to me, I wonder how far a person could hurt… Its a scary thought and one that I wish to not want to address for as long as possible. I don’t take kindly to being hurt or let down and I really don’t want to go testing the waters in this particular pool.. .

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How many times have we heard the proverb, ‘Time Flies’…?
Almost everyday, I find myself wondering, where the hell did the hours slip away?? Swiftly, like a bird of prey, it just swoops away. So many things keep getting postponed for a Tomorrow; a Tomorrow that sneaks up on you faster than you expected. A Tomorrow that becomes a Today in what seems like a span of a breath and once again, Time mocks you.
Everyday, in the Book of one’s Life, a page turns, often without letting you register what was on it! And within the bat of an eyelid, the pages fly as if in a storm wind and you wonder; “what the hell happened? Where did the time go?”
One moment, you’re the new girl in the city. The other, you’re a citizen with an aim and a moment after that, you’re standing on a threshold of girl-hood and woman-hood, scratching your head, wondering, “Has it really been five years?? Really?? Then why does it feel like so short a time??”
There is no way of making this Time stop. Like a hurrying workaholic on his way to work, there is nothing big enough to stop it… No matter how you plead, no matter how you offer a bargain, no matter with what you threaten, Time doesn’t hold still. Like words on a deaf ear, your pleas, offers and threats go unheeded. Time flies and it leaves you shaken, always wondering how it all happened. You nervously look over your shoulder at every milestone and see how quickly you traveled from the last milestone to here. It gets unnerving. It scares you witless to see that so many a happenings had happened so fast. And so many a possibility filled Tomorrows are now deposited in the bank of unchangable Yesterdays.
“Time and Tide wait for no man..” They say…
And true enough… When the tide of time slips by, you can do nothing. Absolutely nothing other than stand on the beach and watch as the waters slip back over the sand, preparing for another wave….

(Note: the image is one of Dali’s surreal works)

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In My Dreams…

I like dreams! I don’t mean ambitions and dreams wala dreams… I mean the real thing! You go off to sleep and then your mind has a mind of its own!
So many things happen in dreams! Everything doesn’t necessarily have to make sense! It can all be senseless… But fun!

I’ve had so many dreams that have left a smile on my face in the morning. I don’t always remember them but there have been times when I’ve woken up to find myself as refreshed as a may flower with a pleasant feeling and a smile! It’s like my mind had a party when I was asleep!

In the ones that I do remember, I’ve been a super powerful woman, Lady Croft types. I’ve fallen in love with a faceless Ideal Guy, dived into the sea into a world of little people living underwater, partied with them and resurfaced.

In my dreams, I’ve been the epicenter of all things happening around me. I’ve been the doer. I’ve been the story. In my dreams, there is so much happening but I still am the center of my universe in there.

Maybe dreams are our mind’s way of making up for what’s not real. Maybe a dream is a wishful scenario that our mind chews on when it is left to its own devices…

There are a lot of studies related to dreams. I believe it is also a body of science in itself. Maybe your dreams say a lot about who you are and what you expect from life. Maybe, I don’t know.

All I know is that I love dreaming. Even when more than half the times I don’t remember what the dream was about, I like knowing that I had a nice time when I was there. It is nice to wake up to a giggling mind!


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Poetic Today

That’s what good music does to me… A few good, well worded songs and I drift into a poetic mood. Was listening to the soundtrack of the lesser known movie,  Saaz  last evening and wrote a few lines..

“Saas ko thaame baithe hai..
Kahi aahat se yeh pal bikhar na jaaye..
palkho ko meeche baithe hai…
kahi khwaabo ke aansu chalak na jaaye…

Raahe to kai chal liye hum… tanhaai ki koi gunjaayish na thi…
par aaj haath thaame baithe hai..
kahi is mod par saath choot na jaaye….”

In Hindi:

सासों को थामे बैठे है ..
कही आह्ट से यह पल बिखर न जाए ..
पल्खो को मीचे बैठे है …
कही ख्वाबो के आंसू छलक न जाए …

राहे तो कई चल लिए हम; तन्हाई की कभी गुंजाईश न थी….

पर आज हाथ थामे बैठे है ..
कही इस मोड़ पर साथ छूट न जाए ….

I don’t know if it’s good or bad.. It’s just something that came to me.

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Aaja Nachle; A Timeless Tale

It so happens that I’ve been obsession over this movie for a long time now! It’s stuck with me and I thought I might as well blog about it! So here goes:

I believe that one of the most difficult genres of movies to pull off is a Musical. It doesn’t just require a good story, it also needs some really hard work on the music. The music has to be in tandem with the story. For a long time, Indian Cinema has been looked at as song and dance affairs that last for hours. We’re used to watching films where the hero can break into dance in the middle of a crowded street, the main duo can suddenly teleport to some snow capped mountain like location for a romantic sequence. Almost always, the music and choreography is so out of sync with what’s happening in the story that its quite comical!

But Aaja Nachle was an exception. It is by far the most under rated movie ever! I must have seen the movie at least a dozen times start to end. Well, it does have aspects of typical hindi cinema but it still is a fine make!

To begin with, the story is a slight and pleasant deviation from the cliches. Its an interesting tale of going back to one’s roots and sticking on to your guns when the going gets tough. Well told, well written, its a story with something for the audience to take away from it.

The cast. WHAT do I say? First off, Madhuri Dixit as usual, is so amazing, it is just impossible to take your eyes off of her! Dance has always been her strong point and the grace with which she’s done her job in this movie is amazing! As you watch her dance on screen, you can practically feel your limbs twitching to follow her lead! The rest of them, Kunal Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma, Irrfan Khan.. the team! It all works! Not one person looked out of character. Very apt casting and brilliant execution.

Being a musical make, it must have been a tough task to put together the music on this one. But what a job they’ve done! Hats off to anyone and everyone involved! The music blends in so well with the movie, it doesn’t jerk the story or halter the momentum of the film in anyway. On the other hand, it enhances the plot as and when required. Beautiful music pieces that you’d want to hum and have on your phones and iPods. And all of them diverse. One cannot say enough about the opera at the end but I am dedicating a separate paragraph for that.

There is some interesting camerawork and editing. None of it too harsh or overly dramatic. The entire feel of the film was very natural other than at the obvious drama points.

The off screen team must have put in one hell of an effort to put this thing together, I’m sure. This is that sort of a film that the maker makes then sits back and smiles, content that the product was good, irrespective of the profits and the box office and all those things; content that they’d made a work of art so screw the world if they don’t want to see it! Unfortunate that this isnt something I can say about too many films these days. This make shows that there is more to a film than jazzy special effects and slutty dance numbers.

And last but not the least, the opera. I mean, I have never seen anything that wonderful on the Hindi movie screen in ages!!  That bit, which is the climax of the film is by far the best use of film making raw material ever made! Once the opera starts, you don’t want to move from your seat! The choreography, the camera and editing work, the direction, the opera itself, Madhuri’s narration, the music strung together, it is ALL so awesome, I don’t know how to describe it! Trust me, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, at least see the opera bit. I must have seen that bit about a thousand times over by now! And I STILL get goose flesh through it. I have yet to hear a better narration of the LAila Majnu story in this short a time.

I know this review is kinda late (duh! the movie was out almost half a decade ago) but I just HAD to write it! There are very few movies I rant and rave about and this is one I just had to recommend to anyone who has the slightest inclination to watch good film making. Its honestly a pity that we don’t have more of such movies.

That’s probably all. And once again, if you haven’t seen the movie, you’re missing something really good! WATCH IT!!

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That’s what this is! I’m a few moments from participating as a panelist  in the #IFeelUp tweet-a-thon being organized by @The_Viewspaper for their session on Blogging and here I am sitting, figuring out how to explain NOT having blogged for the past 3 days!

I’d made a resolution to blog EVERYDAY and not even a week into the new year, I am standing here with my only resolution broken. I’m quite upset with myself… Really disappointed! It’s not Like I didn’t have things to write about! There were a couple of times in the day when I said to myself, ‘Hey! I could blog about this today!’. But the shameful thing is that I never got around to doing it!

I know this post is majorly self flagellant in nature and you guys have nothing to take away from this, but still! I’m sorry for not having posted anything in the last couple of days and I will make sure that I write stuff everyday!

That’s one thing I’ve learnt from a professor of mine; just because you fell off the rails doesn’t mean that you quit and sit by the sidelines as the world rushes past. That’s a loser’s attitude. Winners are those who pull up their socks, get their act together and get back on track! So just because I broke my resolution once doesn’t mean I give up on it. I’m still gonna try… and I’ll keep doing that till the year ends!

Posted by: miilee | January 6, 2012

Everything Fades Away…

“Everything Fades Away….”

I love that song… Was listening to this number by the Poets Of The Fall on my way to work today.

And somehow, the thought got stuck in my head. My professor, Sudhakar Solomon Raj (SSR) used to tell us to ask ourselves one question: ‘What difference will it make to the world if you die today.”
He asked us not to think of family and friends who will mourn our passing away. He asked us to look at the larger picture.

What will be missed?

And I wonder… What have I given to the world?

Have I been a good person? Will I be remembered by people other than family?

What will I be remembered for? Will anyone remember my name a decade after I’m gone? Will my day of death mean anything to anyone after my family has passed on?

Not yet, I believe. I haven’t done enough to be remembered for anything beyond personal affections. I won’t get an obituary unless my family posts one in the newspapers for me. No one will write about me in a column or tell others about me as a person or as a professional. I won’t be quoted.

I haven’t done enough yet.
There’s a lot more to do.
I want to be remembered for long after I’m gone. In my field, my industry, I want to be an icon. I want to be an example. So when I die, I want my work to live on in the minds of people. Every time someone talks of good television shows in India, I want my work mentioned.

Its ambitious but these are the things I want to be remembered for. So when you Google my name, I’d want more than just my social networks and blog to pop up in the results.

Because, let’s face it, once your kids become grand parents, they will probably be the last people who’ll remember you… Once they’re gone, everything about you will fade to dust. Your last memories will die with the people who knew you.

If I want to be remembered after that, I must leave a mark on the world. And there’s a long way to go for that to happen… At the end of this road, I don’t want everything to fade to dust…

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